Homeopathy is an effective medicine that was developed in Germany about 200 years ago by Dr Samuel Hahnemann. It is now successfully practiced throughout the world. Dr Hahnemann found that substances which produce certain symptoms when taken by a healthy person can remove similar symptoms in someone who is sick.

Homeopathy recognises that health is not merely the absence of unpleasant symptoms, but also a feeling of aliveness and potential. Homeopathy can be beneficial to anyone who feels that their quality of life is lessened in any way. The emphasis is on the whole person—mental, emotional and physical—and the effect is an overall elevation of health, vitality and wellbeing. Remedies work by stimulating the body’s own healing power, and rarely cause side effects. You cannot become addicted to them. This is because only a minute amount of the active ingredient is used, in a specially prepared form. Each remedy is specifically chosen for your individual needs.

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As a midwife I recommend that women consider carefully what they are putting into their bodies, not only during pregnancy but also while breastfeeding and also with children as they grow.

I myself was introduced to Barbara 10 years ago as a mother at my wits end with a son booked in for tonsillectomy and grommets insertion. Our family has since had many great successes with homeopathy, as we have repeatedly seen gentle yet effective return to health. In my midwifery I know that women I recommend Barbara too also have had fabulous responses to homeopathy.

It is my firm belief that families who choose a more holistic way to care for themselves and their children, need to develop relationships with skilled practitioners, Barbara is definitely this. Support with childhood illnesess, emotional and sleep issues and accidents and trauma, Barbara is an excellent resource.

Donna Fowles, Midwife Auckland

What will the consultation involve?

As homeopathy treats the individual, rather than the presenting complaint, an in-depth consultation is needed. This usually takes one hour. Professionalism and confidentiality are strictly adhered to.

In order to find your specific remedy, I will need to know what makes you unique, and how your illness affects you in your daily life. Many areas are covered—such as your medical history, and that of your family, your likes and dislikes, and reaction to stress factors. Don’t be afraid to mention to me unusual, peculiar or seemingly unrelated symptoms, as they are important, and may lead directly to the specific remedy choice.

It is important to tell me about any medicine that has been prescribed for you by your doctor, as other medicines may effect the result of your homeopathic treatment. As your health improves, it may be possible to reduce your medication. This can be done in consultation with your doctor.

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"I am very grateful to have benefited from Barbara Ward's expertise, knowledge and wisdom, in both my personal life and professional lives. I was faced with a number of challenges - physical as well as emotional, and I sought Barbara's advice and help. I was treated professionally and respectfully. I felt in very safe hands with Barbara and with time and patience, thankfully my difficulties disappeared! When I moved overseas I was delighted to still be able to access Barbara's help & support online, a relief! My German Shepherd dog also suffered major health problems and again with Barbara's help and intuition she managed to help him overcome some enormous problems! I have recommended Barbara and her work to many of my colleagues, friends and animal lovers. Keep up your wonderful work Barbara - you are helping so many of us (human and animals) heal!

Michelle A. Hardwick, Ireland

What will treatment be like?

I will give you a remedy, either in the form of liquid, tablets or powder, which should be dissolved under the tongue.

Do not be surprised if I give you a single tablet, as in many cases this is sufficient to stimulate your own body’s healing power, and begin the process of recovery towards health over the next few months.

Nothing else should be put in the mouth for 10 minutes before or after taking the remedy, not even toothpaste or cigarettes.

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I came to see Barbara for help with conception. After 6 years of trying naturally and with IVF I was feeling like this was never going to happen for us. Barbara carefully prescribed some specific remedies. After about two weeks of taking the remedies I felt emotionally clearer and in a better place with my fertility. About two months later my husband and I naturally conceived our baby girl who is now almost two. I'm now pregnant again with baby number two. I do feel that Barbara played a big part in helping us get there. Thanks for your wisdom and help!


What can I expect to happen?

Responses to homeopathic treatment are varied. Often there may be a sense of wellbeing, or increased energy. Sometimes there may be subtle changes with a gradual improvement of symptoms.

Occasionally there may be a worsening of symptoms for a brief time. This is a positive sign. It indicates that the remedy is stimulating the body towards healing. Improvement soon follows. Your response may also be dependent on the nature of your complaint.

Acute illnesses, which come on suddenly and forcefully, tend to improve just as quickly. Long-standing complaints may take longer to heal. There may be a discharge of some sort, such as a running nose, increased perspiration, and heightened emotion or vivid dreams.

This shows a cleansing reaction, and is followed by an improvement in symptoms. This may be more prolonged if you have a history of suppressive therapies, such as antibiotics or corticosteroids.

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Barbara Ward has been our family homeopath since the moment our youngest was born. Our GP said when our children were younger: "whatever you are doing, keep doing it, because I hardly ever see them"

Donnine and Daniel Belton

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