Animal Homeopathic Treatments

As a Classical Homeopath I am always looking at the individual as a whole. Observation is crucial to the selection of the correct remedy.

Assessment of animals involves the same holistic approach as for people. Mental, emotional and physical symptoms are guidelines to the correct remedy.

Mental / Emotional Symptoms

Observing the character and temperament of the animal. Worse / better by noise, fuss, consolation, or being handled.

Physical Symptoms

My goat was bitten by a dog in his knee joint. I took my goat to see Barbara for treatment after the vet had recommended amputating his leg. After two sessions and following a treatment plan for around a month the swelling in Beau's leg reduced and he is now able to walk on it normally.

This is the second time that one of my pets has been treated successfully by Barbara Ward and I thoroughly recommend her.

Fiona Cooper

The following are but a few of the many examples that homeopathy can aid.

Further to this I have had dogs with cancer and horses with feeding issues all given only a few weeks to live who have survived to live a healthy longer life - some of my testimonials are examples of this.

I am aiming to match the symptom picture of your animal to the remedy which has the same symptom picture chosen from the materia medica. (our repertoire of Homeopathic remedies).

We have over 2000 homeopathic remedies that have been proven and graded according to symptoms and more remedies are added to this selection every year.

I have been treating animals in my clinic since 1991 and after treatment, most animals return to a balanced state.

“Although homeopathy can treat many ailments, it is not the intention of the author to suggest to the reader to reject all biomedical treatments. In an emergency please consult a veterinarian.”

In Jan 2010 Barbara treated our 17 year old alpaca Alice post seizures. Thanks to Barbaraʼs recommended treatments, Alice recovered when the odds were thought to be stacked against her. Alice went on to live to one month short of her 19th birthday – enjoying her last years in good health.

In December 2013 we again consulted Barbara to help with treatment of our pet sheep Penelope. Penkins had a cancer lump removed 20 months earlier and had recovered well. We were devastated when a second and third lump appeared adjacent to her first tumour. Four months on, the lumps have reduced in size. 'Remission' has been mentioned! Penkins is lively, happy and her usual bossy self – she is sure to see her 10th birthday in June 2015.

Thank you Barbara!

Vicki Cordier, Wellington

I took my dog to the vet because of a persistent clicking/cracking sound in her rear legs. The vet diagnosed her with dislocating knee caps in both legs and referred her for surgery in Christchurch. I was happy to go ahead with surgery if that was the best option, but as it would require a separate surgery and recovery period for each leg, I wanted to try other options before putting my dog through this. This is when I contacted Barbara to see if homeopathy could help. After about 6 weeks of taking the prescribed remedies, I took my dog back to the vet for her annual check up, and asked if they could check her legs again as I could no longer hear or feel the cracking sound that had prompted me to get her checked in the first place. They were no longer able to manipulate her knee caps out of place as they had done previously, and they advised that they would no longer recommend surgery - just that I keep an eye on it. I'm so pleased with this outcome as it has meant that I do not need to put my dog through two operations and 2 long recovery periods (8 weeks confined to a crate or small room).



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