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I have been a client of Barbara for some twenty two years. Homeopathy works.

Western Medicine and the press present homeopathy as charlatan medicine, I suggest they try it. I believe they will change their opinion. This is just a small snippet of how Homeopathy has given me vital and enduring health. Where my ailments have been treated I have had immediate or slow release benefits.

Here is an example or two. My daughter, as a child, had severe migraine headaches. So, days off school, darkened room and all the associated unpleasantness associated with migraine. One remedy from Barbara, and she never had another migraine headache again. For myself following surgery for broken bones in my leg, I visited Barbara immediately. I have no side effects from the breaks and no limp, when, it was expected I would.

A well recognised symptom of hormonal changes associated with the menopause are hot flushes. These are not at all pleasant. I had one hot flush at the start of my menopausal changes and went straight to my homeopath. One initial remedy and some follow up remedies, and I never experienced another hot flush or any other associated and well documented symptoms of the menopause. For me my menopausal changes were a very positive time. I credit this entirely to homeopathic treatments and to my homeopath, Barbara.

Similarly with our dogs. Homeopathy really works on our animals making them well, helping them overcome their emotional and physical issues.

I support Homeopathy because it works, and, works well.

Jennifer Hopkinson

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