Shamanic Healing

Since men and women have inhabited Mother Earth, every nation on earth has had its shamans (both men and women). Shamans have the ability to ‘fly’ or ‘leave their body’ and move into what is known as non-ordinary reality. Shamans move into these invisible interdimensional worlds to journey for their client. In modern day terms, Shamanism involves the ability to switch from the left hemisphere of our brain, which keeps us grounded in this third dimension where we live, to the right hemisphere and achieve an ‘altered state’ (non-ordinary reality) in order to enter into the other dimensions that surround us. The shaman has the ability to move into both realities simultaneously in order to find the lost parts or pieces for their client. Shamanism is more than just a skill or technique; it is a way of life. A shaman’s world is a way of walking one’s talk, of living a heartcentred existence. One facet of Shamanism, currently popular, is Soul Recovery and Extraction. This is a wonderful and holistic healing tool.

Barbara Ward (Ze Igmu Winan) Shamanic Facilitator

Trained by Ai Gvhdi Waya, my journey has involved many facets of healing — radiography (12 years), pharmaceutical rep (3 years) then training to be a classical homoeopath, graduating in 1990. I practice here in Dunedin as a classical homeopath (treating animals as well). I have taken part in a broad range of psychotherapy, gestalt and shamanic workshops. Training with Eileen Nauman (Ai Gvhdi Waya) to become a sweat lodge leader and shaman was a direct consequence of having a soul recovery and extraction performed on myself. This very powerful tool changed my life and inspired me to complete the SR/E training to become a shamanic facilitator so that I too may help others understand their own lives more fully. I look forward to working with you in a compassionate and professional capacity.


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Soul Recovery

Soul Recovery is a modern-day term. Soul Recovery (SR) aids in retrieving either stolen or lost pieces of an individual’s spirit. These pieces are brought back to you by a shaman ‘journeying’ in an altered state to retrieve them.

Recovery of missing spirit pieces requires a person with the ability to move into altered states with humility, to be used as a tool by their spirit guides, who are actually tracking your lost pieces. As a ‘tool’, the shaman is able to bring back information surrounding the loss of your pieces; the how and sometimes the why.

This information enables you to learn about yourself, which prevents a similar loss in the future, making your life’s journey more enjoyable as a whole being. SRE is also performed ‘long distance’, where the shaman travels for you, through the dimensions, and performs the work. It can be done in person if you wish, or long distance. The choice is yours.

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Love took me to Barbara's workshop at the weekend and I was so glad it did! I loved meeting my angel, animal and spirit guides and found the experience affirming, loving and accessible. Connecting with other wonderful women along with Barbara's calm leadership created a safe and inspiring space to explore spirit. If you're not sure whether you would benefit from going to this workshop or not, just turn up, I guarantee you'll love it!

Julie Woods B. Comm - Professional Speaker & Coach

What is Extraction?

Certain Native American tools, such as an eagle’s feather, flicker feather, rattle or other items are utilised to perform surgery in a person’s aura to remove blocks, repair chakras and perform repairs on body systems that range from the general down to the cellular level. Extraction means to remove a thing from your aura and/or chakras (front and back).

The block (which can be stuck or wedged in your aura) may take on a symbolic thought form, such as a dagger, an arrowhead, a gnome, a snake or any other negatively perceived thing from your reality, philosophy or educational background. A block may be in place due to a loss of a piece of soul, and it has made its ‘home’ in your aura as a result. It usually is a dark-coloured, black, murky grey-brown, greenish-yellow or a lurid red colour. Blocks can foul up, slow down or stop the movement of a chakra.

They can sit in one of the auric fields and create stress on a system or organ in your body. Over a period of time, this stress causes the system to dysfunction. Extraction can be performed physically on you, or ‘long distance’ by the shaman. Both work equally well. Although not all shamans can do ‘long distance SR/E’s, Ai Gvhdi Waya’s facilitators can. Reactions to extraction may include nausea (especially if performed in your stomach region) for a couple of hours afterward. Vomiting is rare, but can happen. Pain may come and go in that area for a day or two.

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Barbara performed a soul recovery for me when I was going through an incredibly stressful time in my life. It was a profound experience, giving me clarity and closure at the same time. I am very grateful and deeply honoured that I was able to experience this amazing healing modality.

Carol Bradley

What are Soul Theft and Soul Trauma?

A person can unconsciously ‘take’ a piece of another person. If done consciously, this is known as sorcery.

People with missing pieces will unconsciously take a piece in order to help make themselves whole, or they take because they are emotionally needy.

Soul pieces may split off during an emotional, physical, or mental trauma.

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My life was falling to bits. I had no idea where to start to try and heal. I heard Barbara speaking at the spiritualist church and everything she said hit a spot deep inside. It took me about a year I think to get the courage to make the first step and contact her. By this time I was right down at the bottom of the swamp. I think I cried for week after my first SRE and after my second a huge bubble burst. I am still trying to work through the third. This is not a quick fix and after another year I am slowly coming to terms with who I am, why I have done the things I have done in my life and hurt myself and the people I love most. Thank you Barbara for helping to open my heart, to release the pain and to begin to really enjoy life.


How often should you do Soul Recovery?

Soul Recovery is usually performed every three months until all soul pieces are back. Generally, there are three to four journeys. The last journey is usually when the worst traumatised pieces are returned. It takes at least three months to integrate the returned soul pieces. Your shaman will counsel you on how to work with these newly returned pieces.

Once a year you should be checked over by your shaman to make sure you’re whole, and any blocks that have attached themselves are removed. This is preventative medicine at its finest! Having your homoeopathic case taken and receiving a constitutional remedy is the other card you can play to be whole, harmonious and in balance. Be the best you can be!

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Having experienced a tumultuous life event, I was drawn to this Workshop. It enabled me to reconnect with my inner child, with delight and feelings of good fortune. All the while, I was guided, within a safe and supportive environment. My journey was about nurturing my spirit and after the first meditation, I recognised that I needed to deal with my flight response to my situation. To restore my inner strength and peace, I had to stop, contemplate and give thanks through meditation. I see this spiritual strength as critical to nurturing myself and in turn, enabling me to love & support my family, friends and Mother Earth.

Since the Workshop, I have felt enriched, grounded and no longer spiritually alone.

My heart-felt thanks to Barbara and the wonderful group of women who attended the Workshop. A life changing experience.


How do I order a Journey?

There is a book to be read, (Soul Recovery and Extraction by my teacher Ai Gvhdi Waya) prior to the journey and I can discuss this with you when you contact me.

After the SRE is performed you will receive a written report by email, however, a hard copy can be posted if you prefer. An arranged phone conversation at 2 days and 30 days post the SRE to discuss how you are are. It is our responsibility as shamans to show you how to integrate your pieces once they are returned to you.

Regular Journey: This means that I will journey for you at an appointed time that I can fit into my schedule. The charge is NZ$300 for New Zealand clients and NZ$400 for overseas clients. Payment is made at time of booking SRE.

Emergency Journey: This is done within 48 hours of the request being made. Generally a client will not have need of this but if something tragic or traumatic occurs, then email me and make such a request. The charge is NZ$480.00

Ai Gvhdi Waya
Ai Gvhdi Waya is an Eastern Cherokee Metis Shamanness. Her genetic heritage was passed on to her from her great-great grandmother, a member of the Wolf clan. She is a woman of many talents and more can be read about Ai Gvhdi Waya's life's work at the website

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My children and I have had sharmanic journeys with Barbara Ward over the last year. I can honestly say that the healing's have been substantial, miraculous and beyond my expectations. My children and I have had common and very unusual physical and psychological health problems since they were little, with only partial improvements after countless treatment with conventional and alternative healers. In hindsight I believe that there were barriers to our healing that the sharmanic journey has enabled us to overcome and hence my children and I are all profoundly improved. I am in awe of how the soul pieces returned to my children and myself are so inline with what i see needs healing, and without any prior information given to Barbara.

The type of results we have noticed with the journeys, are things that we were unable to achieve with the numerous other forms of healing's we tried in the past. Physically my children are now more resilient, have more energy and have less allergies. I can now see what effect our past life's have had on our current lives. The journeys have lead to healing's of trauma that have enabled one of my children to become "psychologically normal" after years of unexplained psychotic behaviour, it has also resulted in improved learning, confidence and emotional stability.

Journeys are not the only healing's that my children and I have needed, but since commencing the journeys everything else we do has seemed so much more effective. I am extremely grateful to Barbara and recommend her to anyone wanting deep healing.

J Wong, Auckland

Barbara Ward has performed SRE on our home and family - always with positive, tangible results. I am very grateful to her for offering this rare and powerful service.


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